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Quality Policy

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  • To avoid damaging ecological balance with all our activities as a company and to protect the environment, to make efforts to increase environmental awareness of the concerned parties

  • To decrease wastes to minimum at their source, reuse them when possible and recycle them, to ensure that wastes which cannot be reclaimed are eliminated by adequate methods 

  • Ensure efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources

  • To monitor sensitively hazards related to work as well as worker’s health and safety, to make necessary efforts to decrease risks to minimum

  • Following simultaneously with the world the technological innovations in the sector , to meet with our management staff and trained modern personnel  the needs and expectations of our customers in line with the management system conditions

  • To decrease customer complaints, delays and increased costs to minimum by ensuring  that works are performed at the expected quality and time

  • To use adequate workforce, adequate technique, adequate materials and adequate equipments to increase product quality

  • To ensure continuous revenue increase through Integrated Quality Management System and performance increase.
    Our Activities
    Steel Fabrication & Erection
    Sandblasting & Painting
    Quality Certificates
    Sertifikalar | Centaş
    Sertifikalar | Centaş
    Sertifikalar | Centaş
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